Peer-Reviewed Papers

SAAL: Sharpness-Aware Active Learning

Yoon-Yeong Kim, Youngjae Cho, JoonHo Jang, Byeonghu Na, Yeongmin Kim, Kyungwoo Song, Wanmo Kang, Il-chul Moon

ICML 2023

Sequential Likelihood-Free Inference with Neural Proposal

Dongjun Kim , Kyungwoo Song , Yoon-Yeong Kim , Yongjin Shin , Wanmo Kang , Il-Chul Moon , Weonyoung Joo

Pattern Recognition Letters 2023


BlackVIP: Black-Box Visual Prompting for Robust Transfer Learning

Changdae Oh, Hyeji Hwang, Hee-young Lee, YongTaek Lim, Geunyoung Jung, Jiyoung Jung, Hosik Choi, Kyungwoo Song

CVPR 2023


Leveraging Skill-to-Skill Supervision for Knowledge Tracing

Hyeondey Kim, Yun Jegal, Jinwoo Nam, Minjae Lee, Kyungwoo Song

AAAI 2023 Workshop AI4Edu


Unknown-Aware Domain Adversarial Learning for Open-Set Domain Adaptation

JoonHo Jang, Byeonghu Na, DongHyeok Shin, Mingi Ji, Kyungwoo Song, Il-Chul Moon

NeurIPS 2022


Improving Group-based Robustness and Calibration via Ordered Risk and Confidence Regularization

Seungjae Shin, Byeonghu Na, HeeSun Bae, JoonHo Jang, Hyemi Kim, Kyungwoo Song, Youngjae Cho, Il-chul Moon

ICML 2022 Workshop SCIS


Learning Fair Representation via Distributional Contrastive Disentanglement

Changdae Oh, Heeji Won, Junhyuk So, Taero Kim, Yewon Kim, Hosik Choi, Kyungwoo Song

KDD 2022

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From Noisy Prediction to True Label: Noisy Prediction Calibration via Generative Model

HeeSun Bae, Seungjae Shin, JoonHo Jang, Byeonghu Na, Kyungwoo Song, Il-Chul Moon

ICML 2022


Soft Truncation: A Universal Training Technique of Score-based Diffusion Model for High Precision Score Estimation

Dongjun Kim, Seungjae Shin, Kyungwoo Song, Wanmo Kang, Il-chul Moon

ICML 2022


Efficient Approximate Inference for Stationary Kernel on Frequency Domain
Yohan Jung, Kyungwoo Song, Jinkyoo Park

ICML 2022

LADA: Look-Ahead Data Acquisition via Augmentation for Deep Active Learning
Yooon-Yeong Kim, Kyungwoo Song, JoonHo Jang, Il-chul Moon

NeurIPS 2021

Implicit Kernel Attention 

Kyungwoo Song, Yohan Jung, Dongjun Kim, Il-Chul Moon 

AAAI 2021

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Counterfactual Fairness with Disentangled Causal Effect Variational Autoencoder

Hyemi Kim, Seungjae Shin, JoonHo Jang, Kyungwoo Song, Weonyoung Joo, Wanmo Kang, Il-Chul Moon.

AAAI 2021


Neutralizing Gender Bias in Word Embedding with Latent Disentanglement and Counterfactual Generation

Seungjae Shin, Kyungwoo Song, JoonHo Jang, Hyemi Kim, Weonyoung Joo, Il-Chul Moon

Findings of EMNLP 2020


Deep Generative Positive-Unlabeled Learning under Selection Bias

ByeongHu Na, Hyemi Kim, Kyungwoo Song, Weonyoung Joo, Yoonyeong Kim, Il-Chul Moon

CIKM 2020


Context Aware Sequence Modeling

Kyungwoo Song

IJCAI 2020 Doctoral Consortium


Bivariate Beta-LSTM
Kyungwoo Song, JoonHo Jang, Seungjae Shin, Il-Chul Moon
AAAI 2020
[paper] [code] 

Hierarchically Clustered Representation Learning
Su-Jin Shin, Kyungwoo Song, Il-Chul Moon
AAAI 2020

Sequential Recommendation with Relation-Aware Kernelized Self-Attention
Mingi Ji, Weonyoung Joo, Kyungwoo Song, Yoonyeong Kim, Il-Chul Moon
AAAI 2020

Hierarchical Context enabled Recurrent Neural Network for Recommendation
Kyungwoo Song*, Mingi Ji*, Sungrae Park, Il-Chul Moon
AAAI 2019
[paper] [code] 

Adversarial Dropout for Recurrent Neural Networks
Sungrae Park, Kyungwoo Song, Mingi Ji, Wonsung Lee, Il-Chul Moon
AAAI 2019
[paper] [code] 

Ballistic Coefficient Estimation with Gaussian Process Particle Filter
Il-Chul Moon, Jinhyung Tak, Sang-Hyeon Kim, Kyungwoo Song
ICCAS 2018

Neural Ideal Point Estimation Network
Kyungwoo Song, Wonsung Lee, Il-Chul Moon
AAAI 2018
[paper] [code] 

State Prediction of High-speed Ballistic Vehicles with Gaussian Process
Il-Chul Moon, Kyungwoo Song, Sang-Hyeon Kim, Han-Lim Choi
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems (IJCAS) 2018

Augmented Variational Autoencoders for Collaborative Filtering with Auxiliary Information
Wonsung Lee, Kyungwoo Song, Il-Chul Moon
CIKM 2017

Data-driven ballistic coefficient learning for future state prediction of high-speed vehicles
Kyungwoo Song, Sang-Hyeon Kim, Jinhyung Tak, Han-Lim Choi, Il-Chul Moon
[paper] [slide] 

Identifying the evolution of disasters and responses with network-text analysis
Kyungwoo Song, Do-Hyeong Kim, Su-Jin Shin, Il-Chul Moon
SMC 2014
[paper] [slide] 

Under Review

Structural and Positional Ensembled Encoding for Graph Transformer

Jeyoon Yeom, Taero Kim, Rakwoo Chang, Kyungwoo Song

Bibimbap : Ensembling Diverse Pre-trained Models for Domain Generalization in  Domain Shifted Task

Jinho Kang, Taero Kim, Jiyoung Jung, Rakwoo Chang, Kyungwoo Song

Language Model-Guided Student Performance Prediction with Multimodal Auxiliary Information

Changdae Oh, Minhoi Park, Sungjun Lim, Kyungwoo Song

Causally Disentangled Generative Variational AutoEncoder

SeungHwan An, Kyungwoo Song, Jong-June Jeon

Directional Graph Neural Networks for Infection Prediction

Sungjun Lim*, Youngtaek Lim*, Hojun Park, Junggu Lee, Jaehun Jung, Kyungwoo Song

Recycling Deep Learning Models for Few-shot Radiographic Image Analysis

Hoyoon Byun, Changdae Oh, Taero Kim, Hojun Park, Jaehun Jung, Kyungwoo Song

Self-supervised classification for functional data

Hyeji Hwang, SoonSun Kwon, Jeongyoun Ahn, Cheolwoo Park, Kyungwoo Song, Hosik Choi

Multi-modal Learning for Social Event Analysis

Changdae Oh, Hoyoon Byun, Minhoi Park, Yongtaek Lim, Sunjae Kim, Yongwoo Moon, Kyungwoo Song

Interpolation-based Training-free Out-of-distribution Detection

Hee-young Lee, Changdae Oh, Hoyoon Byun, Kyungwoo Song

Robust Optimization for PPG-based Pressure Estimation

Sungjun Lim*, Taero Kim*, Hyeonjeong Lee* Yewon Kim, Minhoi Park, Kwang-Yong Kim, Minseong Kim, Kyu Hyung Kim, Kyungwoo Song

RPLKG: Robust Prompt Learning with Knowledge Graph

Yewon Kim*, YongTaek Lim*, Dokyung Youn, Kyungwoo Song

Multi-purpose Technology Commercialization Recommender System with Large-scale Korean Language Model

Hyeji Hwang*, Yongtaek Lim*, Changdae Oh*, Seungyeon Kim, Eunkyeong Lee, Yunjeong Choi, Sungjin Kim, Hosik Choi, Kyungwoo Song

TC-BERT: Large-scale Language Model for Korean Technology Documents

Hyeji Hwang*, Changdae Oh*, Eunkyeong Lee, Taero Kim, Yewon Kim, Yunjeong Choi, Sungjin Kim, Hosik Choi, Kyungwoo Song

Sharpness-aware Minimization for Worst Case Optimization

Taero Kim, Sungjun Lim, Kyungwoo Song


GFML: Gravity Function for Metric Learning

Hoyoon Byun, Sungjun Lim, Kyungwoo Song

Robust Contrastive Learning with Dynamic Mixed Margin

Junhyuk So*, Yongtaek Lim*, Yewon Kim*, Changdae Oh, Kyungwoo Song

Graph Perceiver IO: A General Architecture for Graph Structured Data

Seyun Bae, Hoyoon Byun, Changdae Oh, Yoon-Sik Cho, Kyungwoo Song


Decoupling Homophily and Transitivity via Multiple Choice Variational Graph Auto-Encoder for Link Prediction

Yoon-Sik Cho, Kyungwoo Song

COVID-19 Infection Inference with Graph Neural Networks

Kyungwoo Song, Hojun Park, Junggu Lee, Arim Kim, Jaehun Jung

Geodesic Multi-Modal Mixup for Robust Fine-tuning

Junhyuk So, Changdae Oh, YongTaek Lim, Hoyoon Byun, Minchul Shin, Kyungwoo Song


Dirichlet Stochastic Weights Averaging for Graph Neural Networks

Minhoi Park, Kyungwoo Song

D2CL: Dataset Distillation for Continual Learning

DongHyeok Shin, JoonHo Jang, Byeonghu Na, Kyungwoo Song, Il-Chul Moon

Posterior-Aided Regularization for Likelihood-Free Inference
Dongjun Kim, Kyungwoo Song, Seungjae Shin, Wanmo Kang, Il-Chul Moon

Adversarial Likelihood-Free Inference on Black-Box Generator
Dongjun Kim, Weonyoung Joo, Seungjae Shin, Kyungwoo Song, Il-Chul Moon


Learning Invariant Representation

Kyungwoo Song

The Korean Data & Information Science Society

Shortcut learning in Machine Learning: Challenges, Analysis, Solutions

Sanghyuk Chun, Kyungwoo Song, Yonghan Jung

FAccT 2022 Translation/Dialogue Tutorial